A Big Data Solution within Azure Synapse Analytics

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  • Background on Synapse SQL Pools
  • What is a Dedicated SQL Pool?
  • How to use it?
  • Create your First Dedicate SQL Pool
  • YouTube Video for Visual Description of How to Steps Below

Background on Synapse SQL Pools

Since my last post (SQL On-Demand: An easier way to Query Data | by Dayo Bamikole |…

Query files like CSV, JSON, and Parquet without moving it from its location

Image by Author (Azure Synapse Workspace)


  • About SQL On-Demand
  • Creating the Data Source
  • Gaining Access to the Azure Storage
  • Querying Files in Azure Storage through Azure Synapse Workspace
  • YouTube Video for Visual Description of Steps Below

About SQL On-Demand

In my last post, I mentioned the Top 10 Features in Azure Synapse Analytics. Synapse SQL Database has 2…

Let’s Break down the different components of Azure Synapse Analytics

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  • What is Azure Synapse Analytics

10 Features

  • SQL Pool
  • Copy Job
  • Data Flow
  • Pipeline
  • SQL Scripts
  • Spark Notebooks
  • Quick Reads from Storage
  • Run ML Projects
  • Visualization
  • Access Control

What is Azure Synapse Analytics

It is an end to end data platform that combines data warehousing, visualization, data science, and ETL / ELT processes all in…

Photo from Microsoft Docs on Form Recognizer


  • Background — Story of needing Form Recognizer
  • Overview — About Form Recognizer
  • How does it work / What is the labeling tool
  • How to Deploy the Labeling Tool


So, at some point in life, we all have had to fill out a form either physically or online. From the front-end…

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